How do you set the user parameters Date, Time, Client name, Vehicle registration on a Printman Unit .

 There are 2 ways of setting the User parameters on a Printman Original Unit (a-b) below and 3 on a Printman 2 unit, (a-c) below. Since the Printman unit has no display fitted, setting cannot be accomplished successfully without the use of a software or electronic tool.

a)           Factory Set: Parameters can be factory set against specific orders to show your or your Client’s Company name and vehicle registration correct date and time etc. Storm controls can set these parameters for you if you tell us what you want entered. Storm make no charge for this service.

b) Software Set:  A software disc is available which allows setting of parameters using Printman specific software “SPP2-DL” or General Download software Cdata both work on Windows. A download cable is supplied along with each software to allow connection of your PC or Laptop to the Printman unit via its 9 pin RS232 port found under the printer cover. In this facility, time and date are automatically down loaded from the host computer so date and time must be correct on this machine to affect a correct outcome. The programming takes only a few seconds.  

c) Menu Module Tool: This new tool allows setting of Printman 2 user parameters direct from the Printman units 3 key pad. The module allows the user to enter the units internal menu structure and set all necessary parameters with ease.  Temporarily remove the printer cover, plug the menu module into the RS 232 port call up the menu set the required parameters and exit from the menu. Disconnect the menu module and replace the printer cover. The menu module is put away until the next unit needs updating.

How long will the Storm Recorders hold their stored data memory intact?.

 All Storm recorders use flash memory for storage of the programming firmware as well as storage of temperature and event data. This means that all stored data is held in the recorder memory indefinitely even when the power is removed from the unit. The flash memory is designed to store the data uncorrupted without power for around 200 years.

How long will Storm Recorders hold the date & time correct.

 The clock used is very accurate and is powered from the units power supply when the recorder is connected to the vehicle battery. When the power is disconnected from the unit, an internal battery takes over and keeps the clock running and the time correct for a minimum of 5 years with no power connected.

If the number of sensors connected to the Recorder is changed how do I let the recorder know of the change?

 Storm Recorders store the configuration of sensors which were connected and operational during its last power boot up. If for any reason the number of sensors need to be altered up or down, once the new number has been connected or disconnected, either re-boot the recorder by removing its battery power, leave off for 20 seconds and then re-apply the power. During the recorders boot up routine it will check how many sensors are connected and re-configure itself to suit.

Instead of powering the unit down you may alternatively enter the menu and at 1.EXIT on the display press the return key and come back out of the menu at which time the recorder will also re-configure the sensor numbers.


Does it matter which sensors connections 1-4 or 1-6 are used on the Recorder terminal block.

Storm recommends that you always use the lowest sensor numbers first since this gives the most efficient use of memory and Printer Paper.

Hence:              if 1 temperature sensor probe is used fit in Sensor position 1.

                            if 2 temperature sensor probes are used fit in Sensor positions 1 & 2.

                            if 3 temperature sensor probes are used fit in Sensor positions 1,2 & 3. and so on.

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